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Wild Palm Designs

Mermaid Wall Decals

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Mermaid Wall Decals

Style 1 -Blonde/Dark/Copper 
Style 2 - Dark/Dark/Copper 

3 Pack 1x Each Mermaid
6 Pack 2x Each Mermaid 

Sizing (approx)
From Left - 30x10cm - 20x12cm - 29x12cm

**Colour may vary slightly from screen**

**Minor fraying on egde of artwork may occur, this is normal due to decal material and not concidered a fault in the item**

Preparing your walls for decal installation
Be sure to correctly prep your wall surface with a clean warm damp cloth to remove all dirt and grime, leave the surface for 24 hours before applying your decals to ensure it is completely dry. Avoid using chemical cleaners as they may deteriote the adhesive. Decals must be applied to a smooth surface to adhere. 
For newly painted rooms please allow 40 days to dry completely before applying decals.